About us


We are located in the admirable, forest surrounded Danube Bend of Tahi, Hungary.

WoodStark is a private owned manufacture which was established in 2016. Our items are all  hand crafted. Our mission is to provide high quality, eco friendly wooden accessories all over the world. We only work with selected premium materials from certified vendors. Taking care of the environment is very important for us, so we have planted over 100 trees in the past 12 months.

In our shop You will find a wide selection of hand crafted stands for iPhone, iPad, Kindle and any kind of smartphones and tablets, Desk Organizers, Business Card Holders. We like to work together with our Clients to solve unique projects and make cool stuffs. We put our heart and soul into the production procedure, so all our clients will get a part of us.

We are working with several International Agencies, Hotels, Online & Offline Agencies, Interiors, Clubs, Resorts, Media companies over the world.

We design all of our products ourselves, keeping an eye on many important features such as uniqueness, functionality, ergonomics, design, high quality, eco friendly.

We know the most important factor of high quaility products is choosing the perfect material. We offer a wide choice of materials: Bamboo, Oak, Dark Walnut, Cherry, White Maple and Jatoba.

Another important factor is to produce things by soul. We mix wood soul with ours and WoodStark is a result of the mix.


After graduating from college, Pete the founder knew he wanted to create something unique. He  always loved working with wood and he also had many problem with organizing his own desk and home. Pete had always dreamed of an own company which provides a solution for these organizing problems. His uncle is a carpenter, he has learnt a lot about woodworking from him. After setting up his plan he started his own workshop and company involving some young similar reflective guys.

In the beginning we started producing accessories for ourselves. When our friends saw the unique way we  organize our desks they asked us to  make some stands and holder for them, too.

After receiving lots of  orders from friends we decided to market these unique items.

When we opened our shop in late  2016 on a global portal for hand made goods, the orders came very quickly, proving it is worth dealing with. We have received many orders  for special, unique items and we are happy to work with clients to solve unique needs.

Sales numbers increased and we started to cooperate with several companies all over the world. Considering these facts, we decided to open our own web shop and reach more people with our products.

With this step we increased our inventory satisfying both our new and old clients. On our website you can find some of the global companies  we work with.

From the first step we have focused on our customer service and customer's feedback. It is a really good feeling to receive nice feedback from customers. If there happens to be  a problem with an order we always try to solve it to our best knowledge. From the first period of our work we have had a contract with Fedex, which makes our packages get very quickly to all countries. Smaller packages are shipped  with priority post.

We know we need to follow trends and keep upgrading our products to provide better and better service to our clients. A small young team work every day to keep these standards to the fore.

We are proud of what we have achieved  and hope to bring many nice moments with our unique organizer solutions.

Thank you very much for visiting us , we hope you will love our products.

Please feel free to contact us to place an order and do not hesitate to ask any questions.